STRATEGIC RADAR (Strategic Surveillance System)

Strategic Radar is a colloquial term for Strategic Surveillance Systems. These shall monitor, survey, and evaluate a number of exogenous factors. These include all major change of PESTEL: politics, economics, society, technology, ecology, and the legal system.  A basic assumption is that most of exogenous change is being influenced or caused by human beings. Accordingly, announcements or notifications may be found within media, still being “weak signals” in the beginning.  Major task of a Strategic Radar is perception, amplification, evaluation of those “weak signals” in order to judge, whether they imply opportunities for new business or threats for present business.
Where Strategic Radars have always been too work intensive, expensive and rarely found in business practice, it can by now be installed in a highly automated manner as Digital Intelligence and draw back to newest and most refined Artificial Intelligence technologies.

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